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Elmeco Engineering, Inc. has been a designer, inventor and manufacturer in the Bio Tech and Life Sciences industry for the past 40 years. We take pride in our strong reputation in the industry and our committed in creating the most reliable and feature rich products for our customers. Over the years, Elmeco has developed numerous bench type laboratory instruments ranging from water bath shakers and rocker platforms to battery operated magnetic stirrers and micro mixers. Elmeco's unique plexiglass products have been extremely popular with any lab that desires extra shelf and bench space. Also, our company has been a key partner and provider for numerous worldwide research laboratories and educational institutions.

Since our inception, Elmeco has been a reliable source for dozens of doctors and scientists to voice their innovative ideas and then converting these ideas into fully functional beta test products and ultimately implementing several key "first to market" products. An example of this is exemplified with our battery operated line of products. Several customers complained that many times they needed to stir a sample inside their incubators; however, there was no place to plug in their regular stirrers. In response, Elmeco was the first company to design, develop and manufacture a fully operational battery operated stirrer and today it has become one of our most popular and best selling products sold worldwide.

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