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Tibor Sarkady

Hello, my name is Tibor Sarkady and I am the founder and President of Elmeco Engineering, Inc. I was born, raised and educated until the age of 20 in Budapest, Hungary. In October of 1956, during the 6th year of my formal engineering training, I was faced with a life changing decision. I had become a Freedom Fighter actively helping my Hungarian brothers gain our freedom and independence and, because I was now a political refugee, I decided to leave my native country and relocate in the United States.

In 1961 I was drafted into the US Army and, because of my extensive engineering background; I was assigned to the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research Instrumentation Division. My job was to design and build customized instruments which were not commercially available. It was during this two year period that I completely fell in love with biomedical instruments along with the never ending challenge to enhance and improve their overall design and performance features.

Tibor Sarkady

In 1971, I made the decision to work for myself and I started operating Elmeco Engineering out of the basement of my house. Early on, I sought work by repairing old, beat up laboratory instruments such as micro pumps and water bath shakers. I quickly gained a reputation throughout dozens of laboratories up and down the east coast as "the engineer who could fix anything". However, my real passion was with designing and developing new and exciting instruments for those very same doctors and lab technicians who trusted and believed in my skills.  I also listened carefully to the various creative input and ideas from these doctors, colleagues and friends who suggested that I develop a new and unique product for their labs or that I enhance a particular instrument with a certain feature and I welcomed the challenge. Soon, Elmeco was manufacturing a complete line of first to market products and instruments with unique features.

Today, Elmeco Engineering's philosophy is to offer the highest quality of distinctive biomedical and life science products which, after careful inspection, I am confident that you will notice the unique and practical features built into everyone of my products and not offered by the competition.


Tibor Sarkady
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